Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Make a Shelter-in-Place Kit

Be prepared for an emergency such as a chemical agent incident or hazardous materials accident near your home. Make your Shelter-in-Place Kit now so that you can seal your shelter immediately if your local officials instruct you to shelter-in-place.The basics: Store them in your shelter room.

What you will need:

  • A large bucket (and another container if needed) with lid to hold your supplies

  • Pre-cut and labeled plastic sheeting to cover doors, windows, vents and inset cabinets, mirrors, electrical outlets and switches, etc. (Make sure you cut the plastic at least six inches larger than openings so you can tape it to the wall or floor.)

  • Duct tape (a couple of rolls) to cover smaller openings and cracks that can’t be covered with plastic sheeting and to tape plastic sheeting to walls, ceiling, floor and doors.

  • Extra plastic sheeting in case the pre-cut sheeting tears or you need more.

  • Scissors to cut the tape and sheeting

  • A radio with extra batteries

  • Bottled water (at least one gallon per person)

  • Toilet tissue (The bucket can be used as a toilet.)

  • A large plastic bag for any contaminated clothing (Seal it with the duct tape.)

The last-minute additions:

  • Make a list of these items and put it in a prominent place so you can find it and the items quickly on your way to your shelter room.

  • A cordless or cellular phone, if you have one

  • Any special health and safety items you can’t store in advance but would need if you have to stay in your shelter for several hours, such as medications and eye glasses

  • Pets

Items you may need or want (depending on who will be in your shelter):

Put any of these or other items you feel you’ll need or want with the basics in your shelter room now. Don’t delay taking shelter to search for them. • Baby supplies (diapers, formula, etc.)• Pet supplies• Pillows, blankets• Toys, books, magazines, puzzles, etc.• Snacks with a long shelf life.• Change of clothing for each person in your shelter.

Ready, Set, Act:

Be Ready. Have your Shelter-in-Place Kit Set in your shelter room. Act immediately if instructed to shelter-in-place. Remember, you won’t need to stay in your shelter for more than a few hours.

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