Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fireplace safety at Christmas

Picture yourself watching once of your favorite Christmas movies for a moment. Can you see the Christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace mantel? Fireplaces, stockings and the holiday season just seem to fit together, but are you giving thought to staying safe by the fire? Here are some fireplace safety tips just for the Christmas season.

1. When Santa Claus comes sliding down your chimney, will it be clean? Be sure you have a chimney sweep every year and stay safe. Chimney fires are a major cause of all home fires and in most cases, could be prevented with a simple cleaning.
2. Christmas trees and fireplaces must be kept separated. Nothing like the Christmas tree catching fire to ruin the holiday spirit. This tip also goes for space heaters as well.
3. Keep the Christmas stockings dry, but not burnt. Make sure you take down the stockings before lighting a fire in the fireplace. Yes, it may seem too obvious, but you would be surprised at how many fires are started this way.
4. Holiday candles on the fireplace mantel are another issue to be aware of. Be sure you have them enclosed in glass to protect everything from the flames.
5. Keep the tinsel and garland from hanging over the mantel and away from the fire.
6. Use the fireplace screen to prevent sparks and burning embers from popping out. A simple spark can easily create a disaster.
7. Watch out for the kids. The Christmas season is such a wonderful time of year for the kids and they love to be around the fireplace and all of the ornaments. Be sure to keep them safely away from the fire.

Fireplaces and the Christmas season are a great time of year. Be sure that you and your family stay happy and safe by following these simple fireplace safety tips.

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